To simplify, by getting Youngevity's Dr Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients we have 3 main options;

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1. Get the basic 90 nutrients in the Healthy Start Pack ($125)
2. Get the products individual.

3. Get a CEO Mega pack (best value for money and qualifies you for 9 ways you can get paid in Youngevity- pictured below - if you order this week I will take $50 off the price - which is usually $499 plus shipping and taxes)

- all options you can earn commissions if desired *for option 1 and 2 it is additional $25 to sign up as a ‘distributor’ to earn commissions.

below: click on either icon to get your 90 nutrients with the option to earn income, as a  distributor USD $25 or as a CEO USD$499, to qualify for all the bonuses in the compensation plane (includes car bonus, holidays, etc) (products pictured below)

or call +61-466-984-938 for more info and training. 

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