To simplify, by getting Youngevity's Dr Wallach’s 90 essential nutrients we have 3 main options;

1. Get the basic 90 nutrients in the Healthy Start Pack ($125)
2. Get the products according exactly to the nutritional protocol - FREE NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOL

3. Get a CEO Mega pack (best value for money and qualifies you for 9 ways you can get paid in Youngevity- pictured below - if you order this week I will take $50 off the price - which is usually $499 plus shipping and taxes)

- all options you can earn commissions if desired *for option 1 and 2 it is additional $25 to sign up as a ‘distributor’ to earn commissions.

below: click on either icon to get your 90 nutrients with the option to earn income, as a  distributor USD $25 or as a CEO USD$499, to qualify for all the bonuses in the compensation plane (includes car bonus, holidays, etc) (products pictured below)

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Getting Started.

This is for 1 Healthy Start Pack per month. Always advised to see your doctor or health care professional. This site is put together by Jamel Boukabou, Youngevity distributor. id: 100769428 I am not a health care professional.

 How to take 1 Healthy Start Pack 2.0 a month
•   Tangy Tangerine: 2 per day. Morning is key time. Also can be taken with meals and diluted and sipped on during the day. Some people find it gives them energy so prefer not to have it in the evening. If you find you don’t absorb it 100%, dilute it and spread it out over the day.

•   EFA: With meals. 3 per day.

•   Osteo Fx: 2 scoops/30ml - (can be with orange juice) pref in evening 30 mins before bed. 

Also watch the "Understanding the 10 Bad Foods with Dr Glidden" below.