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below: excellent resource > click here >  94Health by Marvin Ropp and 2 webinar interviews by Malina.

Fill in this free Health Evaluation for free information, what to take and how to take it and it priorities the importance of recommended Youngevity supplements. It was set up by Navy SEAL Marvin Ropp, who I know well. It is a free service I pay a subscription for you to use.
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Also free to view all the interviews and lectures on specific ailments on this site.

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Dr Peter Glidden, N.D 

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Senior Vice Chair Marketing Director, Malina Briggs has her sites here:

* Malina's Team Aloha and Jamel's Team G'Day are both in the same group.

Ambassadors Tom and Denise Chenault,

who provide training for business builders in Team G'Day. Tom and Denise have been recognised as  amoung the top 25 network marketers in the world.

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1. Dr Joel Wallach, ND

2. Dr Peter Glidden, ND

4. Pharmacist Ben Fuchs

3. Dr Joanne Conaway, ND

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How to take The Healthy Start Pack 2.0 - this include 1 months supply of Dr Wallach’s highly absorbable 90 nutrients;
•   Tangy Tangerine: 2 per day. Morning is key time. Also can be taken with meals and diluted and sipped on during the day. Some people find it gives them energy so prefer not to have it in the evening. If you find you don’t absorb it 100%, dilute it and spread it out over the day.

•   EFA: With meals. 3 per day.

•   Osteo Fx: 2 scoops/30ml - (can be with orange juice) pref in evening 30 mins before bed. 

below: personal health evaluation progress charts to print for your privat health tracking.


Below: Information and official websites for our health vcare professionals we are associated with at Youngevity